About Us

VGE Textile From Past To Today

We as VGE Textile, established in 2007 with the customer satisfaction principle, make production of home textile products such as sheets and quilt covers etc. All of our products, produced by VGE Textile are sold in Europe.

We are a known company in the World especially about the production of licensed products in Europe owing to the attention we pay to the customer satisfaction from the establishment to today and our product range.

By firstly preparing the changing trends in home textile in the textile sector which is continuously developing, renewing and in which the customer demands can change every day, we as a team put the products on the market in the worlds and thus we are proud of this.

Our raw clothing are weaved in air jet weaving machines in Denizli and Uşak and printing and flat paint are made in the factories, which hold BSCI, Ekotex documents and is located in Uşak and Bursa and with which we have agreements on fason printing and flat paint.

The headquarter of VGE Textile, which transfers its values and modernist understanding into the home textile sector, is located in Bursa and 90 minutes away by ferryboat from Istanbul.

Why VGE Textile?


VGE Textile’s Years of Experience

Our company has a team spirit with its Professional team and department chiefs. VGE Textile is closely acquainted with the European textile market and works with the production department in order to develop innovative projects. Our company, which has increased its production and marketing capacity each passing day through the solution-focused approaches, has adopted high production rate as a principle in its productions.


100% Quality Production

For VGE Textile, it is important to provide quality product and service, because each product launched to the market represents our company’s vision. Our company, which provides service in licensed home textile products in textile sector, carefully produces all its products and makes production with the cutting edge technologies under control of its experienced personnel.


Shipment Stage

VGE Textile ships its products to so many parts of Europe. After being 100% sure that the product’s functionality is not faulty at the stage of quality control, the “Shipment Stage” is started. Each products, come to the Shipment stage is carefully tracked by the professional teams.

100% Quality World Class Production..

The only way to be permanent in a business life, in which the borders become meaningless and to establish competition is to make no concessions. The concept of quality is a journey beyond an aim for our company. The aim of this journey is to continuously seek better for our customers, employees, suppliers, society and environment.

Each company is as good as its team ..

Quality works result from a quality team, loving each other. We work very hard to produce quality productions for you with our good-humored team.